Fancy even by Dubai standards – Cavalli residences to design three 42-story waterfront towers where children will attend virtual reality school in which their lessons will be laser projected on an enormous water fountain.

The iconic Cavalli brand will be responsible for enhancing the Dubai Harbour with a 42-story, three-tower property DAMAC Bay by Cavalli. It pays homage to the serene and flawless location with a trio of towers inspired by the blue harbour waters. The exterior may look sharp, but the interiors are bustling with elements of marine life, including seashells, pearls, and zebrafish patterns. Niall McLoughlin, Senior Vice President of DAMAC, applauded the launch: “Our goal with DAMAC Bay was to bring the wonders of maritime bliss closer to residents than ever before. The property has been constructed in a way all residents can equally enjoy a luxurious, convenient lifestyle accented by the tranquility of the sea.”

He continued, “With an innovative layout specifically designed by Cavalli, the property is assured to keep residents and guests entertained, refreshed and restored.” DAMAC Bay will comprise 1-bedroom apartments to 5-bedroom super-luxury duplexes across the development’s master plan. The sprawling 3-bedroom to 5-bedroom duplexes will occupy the 33rd to 42nd floors with uninterrupted views of Dubai. The designer adds a touch of glamour to DAMAC Bay by integrating a Cavalli-inspired bridge that coils across its rooftops. The rooftop also features an infinity pool for guests to sunbathe and unwind.

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From an exceptional seaside view to a white-sanded private beach, a plethora of food and beverage outlets, and access to the exclusive Cavalli Lounge, DAMAC Bay offers unrivaled luxurious living. Inside, the towers lend a maritime escape in an elegantly crafted water maze and snorkeling excursions. The less adventurous can hang around the hammocks suspended above the building’s ground-level infinity pool. They said to save the best for last, so I did.

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The cynosure of DAMAC Bay is the water fountain in the central tower. The visual delight is synced to opera music, giving a mesmerizing show to onlookers and even residents from afar. Its magic extends beyond entertainment as children residing in DAMAC Bay will have the opportunity to attend Virtual Reality school with lessons laser-projected onto the property’s water fountain. Innovative, groundbreaking, and gorgeous all in one!

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