Norway’s $1 Million Halden Prison for a luxury jail sentence

Going to prison was probably one of the most shameful things, but not anymore! Norway will soon be the new home for a luxury prison called Halden Prison. The fool’s paradise will open on April fool’s day and house up to 252 inmates to make it the second biggest in the country! This opulent ‘jail’ is created to look like college dorms with 10-12 prisoners in each cell, but it’s even better, considering the cells come with a private bathroom and a flat-screen TV; besides, the windows are free of bars either!

The other facilities include a gym, training room, chapel, library, family visiting unit, football field, a school, and, almost unbelievably, a sound studio. Moreover, a whopping $1million has been spent to have graffiti artist Dolk to create beautiful murals throughout the grounds. Now, if this is how criminals will be rehabilitated, I hope the crime rate does go whizzing up the roof!

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