Stylish and functional – Renowned architect Stefano Boeri to design around 1,500 primrose-shaped vaccination pavillions to be placed across Italy

It’s the happiest time of the year, not only because of the festivities but because the world has commenced its bouncing-back-journey with COVID-19 vaccinations! A center that gives people this vaccine will be one that will also be giving them hope, a new start, and happiness, metaphorically speaking! This is why it should also look like the happiest place on the planet; creating mini Disneylands would be a tad bit excessive, but Italian architect Stefano Boeri has shared his proposal for an architectural and communicative campaign for Italy’s national COVID-19 vaccination program and its fitting. The botanically themed campaign revolves around the humble primrose, a perennial described by the firm in a press statement as being the first flower “to blossom after the long winter and announce the reawakening of nature and the arrival of spring.” these primrose-shaped pavilions will be set up in Italy’s most artistic squares to dispense vaccines against the highly contagious disease next month declaring the rediscovery of life! The Italian government is confident that most Italians will be vaccinated by September as they begin with about 300 distribution sites that will expand to 1500 at the peak of the campaign. Let’s take a look inside what these primrose-shaped gazebos will hold other than a ray of life and 1.8 million doses:

The vaccination campaign includes three elements: the campaign logo, the design for the temporary pavilions to be used for administrating the vaccine in the main Italian squares; and a mobile information totem to be set up in public places.

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These temporary pavilions are made of prefabricated timber and fabric. The circular structure of the pavilion is easy to dismantle and reassemble and rests on a wooden base which will also be used for supporting the various systems in the internal rooms.

The awning is designed around a fundamental nucleus, housing service areas for healthcare workers including toilets as well as changing and storage rooms.

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With the presence of solar panels on its roof, these pavilions will be self-sufficient where energy is a concern. The symbolic primrose will be illuminated on the exterior walls and roof.

The government aims to set up at least 1500 such pavilions across the country. Stefano Boeri says, “Italy’s public life is in our piazzas. We need to make sure that these pavilions will be reachable, comfortable and places that the community consider, for a period of time, part of their lives in order to defeat Covid-19.”

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