Ten unique suites, an amphitheater, three swimming pools and more – Pierre Cardin’s whacky ‘Bubble palace’ dwelling in the south of France is for sale

Created in the 1970s, architect Antti Lovag gave the world a structure that fulfilled every criterion of being one of the world’s unique structures. Bubble Palace aka ‘Palais Bulles’ is a 1200 sq.m house in the south of France comprising a cluster of interwoven bubble spaces. The out-of-the-box property was built for industrialist Pierre Bernard and bought by Pierre Cardin in 1992. Now, nearly 20 years later, the property is for sale, handled by Christie’s International Real Estate. The Theoule Sur Mer villa holds the Bubble Palace overlooks the sea and charming Cannes. Let’s take a pictorial tour inside this human-made marvel that’s bubbling with panache (pun intended):

Bubble Palace parades ten bedroom suites furnished by up-to-date artists, sprawling gardens flanked by water ponds, a swimming pool, and a massive 500-seat outdoor auditorium.

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The dwelling is a motley of iconic curves seen on the exterior as well as interiors. The designer uses the curves cleverly by incorporating water fountains adding an interesting element to the homes.

The next occupants of the Bubble Palace will be impressed by its airy interiors that bring together an interesting combination of hues, some unordinary decor items, and a curvaceous ceiling like no other home.

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That’s the view from the upper level of Bubble Palace that offers angular views of the level beneath owing to its curvaceous structure. Seen below is a comfy lounging space of the living area.

The Bubble Palace was built for industrialist Pierre Bernard over a period of five years and is one of the most luxurious estates meant for people who love offbeat architecture.

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