Dubai is building the world’s tallest sustainable building. The facade of the 990 feet tall, twisting Wasl tower will have new-age ceramic fins that will provide enhanced cooling even in the sweltering desert heat.

Wasl Tower is an impressive example of architecture in Dubai, but it’s certainly not surprising. The emirate is home to several sky-high edifices. However, the upcoming 64-story building in Dubai is noteworthy for more than just its height. Touted as one of the tallest structures in the world based on renewable energy solutions, it aligns with the Year of Sustainability and is scheduled for completion in the third quarter of 2024. The 990-feet mixed-use project, with a built-up area of around 167,733 square meters, is developed by Wasl. It features apartments, offices, restaurants, a luxurious 259-key Mandarin Oriental hotel, and a swimming pool, according to Zawya.

The building’s twisting architectural form is not only striking but also fulfills contemporary requirements for safety, sustainability, and energy efficiency. Hesham Abdullah Al Qassim, CEO of Wasl Group, stated, “The construction sector is responsible for more than one-third of global annual greenhouse gas emissions. Wasl Tower represents our continuous efforts to innovate and create smarter, more sustainable developments that meet the evolving needs of people and the UAE’s climate goals.” The most important feature of the excellent Wasl Tower is its sustainability, achieved through the seamless integration of traditional renewable construction materials with contemporary inventiveness.

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What makes Wasl Tower the tallest sustainable building in the world?
The surface features inclined ceramic fins on the building’s facade, made of clay and low-tech glazed ceramic on an aluminum casing. These fins provide shade, induce cooling, and allow natural light to seep into the building’s interior. The tower integrates solar thermal panels for hot water and bronze-coated reflective glass to boost thermal performance. Werner Sobek and UNStudio spearheaded the sustainability vision, resulting in significantly reduced cooling loads and energy consumption without compromising occupant comfort levels.

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The use of a heat pump system further lowers power consumption, ultimately reducing the tower’s carbon footprint. “To prioritize the health and well-being of guests and residents, Werner Sobek and UNStudio have used clean and recycled materials and finishes that enhance comfort. These measures, along with precisely planned public spaces and amenities, reflect Wasl Tower’s holistic, people-centered approach to sustainable development,” said Ben van Berkel, Founder and Principal Architect at UNStudio. Every corner and detail, from outdoor landscaping and vegetation to the recycling of greywater from the tower for irrigation, reflects a commitment to environmental friendliness.

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