World’s most expensive house built for $12.2 billion

Behold! The King of bling casts his spell to stun the world by transforming a house in Switzerland into the world’s most expensive house. Costing a whopping £ 7.5 billion ($12.2 billion), it comes loaded with solid gold and platinum fixtures and fittings. More than 200,000 kilograms of precious metal are used to bring in the bling element. Stuart Hughes has teamed up with Kevin Huber of exklusivHAUS of Zug Switzerland for a client who could afford to shell out an astounding amount to dwell in the most unique and most expensive house. The exclusivity bar is further raised using meteoric stone with shavings of original Dinosaur bone from the 65 million years of Raptor, the T-REX right throughout the flooring. Coming back to the basic features that define a house, this uber-opulent den spreads well to accommodate eight rooms with a special wine stone cellar and a garage with four parking places (to park your most expensive cars).

The site lists the details as – Land off: 2442m2, Living space: 725m2, Terrace: 388m2, Cellar: 245m2. The team took about five and half years to erect such an abode. The exact location is not revealed for obvious reasons!

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Well, this latest pompous address certainly makes the $1 billion house (which was touted to the most expensive house till date) appear humble. At this cost, we can add twelve Antilia to our planet’s skyline.
Thanks Stuart!

Update There have been many contradicting reports rebuffing Stuart Hughes claim of this being the most expensive home. We are investigating into this matter further.