World’s most expensive building in Seoul will cost more than Burj Khalifa

If you want to set up office in the most expensive building in the world, you need to wait it out till the end of 2016. The Yongsan Landmark Tower, which is said to be 100 stories tall is said to be the most expensive building, based on per square unit rates, once it’s ready. The cost of construction is said to come at W1.4 trillion, with the full cost of setting up the building will come to over a whopping KRW 4 trillion. At current rates, 3.3 sq.m costs about KRW12.1 million, and with all the high-tech materials and design changes, this number will only rise with time. The high tech building is has been designed by architect Renzo Piano. Though it will rise up to half a kilometer into the sky, it will not surpass the Burj Khalifa in Dubai which stands tall at 162 stories and 828 m.

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The building to be situated in Yongsan has been contracted for by Samsung Corporation. The high-tech functions include the fastest elevators in the world which will run at 800 meters per second, and a GPS-based surveying technology with three satellites will be deployed to ensure accuracy in building the structure.

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