World’s most expensive male enhancement device to satisfy….male ego

Rich men in the Middle East have lots of money to drive luxury cars and dwell in well-designed mansions. And if there is anything more than some well-heeled guy intends to splurge on, then here is a scandalous male product to prove his worth in gold, diamonds, and rubies. It is reported that ‘One of the world’s wealthiest Saudi Arabian businessmen recently placed a custom order for what is now considered the world’s most expensive male enhancement device.’ Why? Well, he’s got the money to nurse his fantasies and ego too! Dubbed as the “Rolex” of male novelty devices, it will be developed by X4 Labs, a Canadian medical device manufacturer, and Montreal custom jewelers. For $35,000, this bejeweled device will be shaped out of solid 18 kt gold. It will include a bezel set with more than 40 full-cut diamonds and some rubies to add more glamor.

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And if you are thinking such a thing is illegal, offensive, kitschy or vulgar then let me tell you that it is actually a medical device that is FDA Registered as well as CE Certified. Since it is first and one of its kinds yet, the company intends to ship it in an insured armored transport to ensure the safe and secure delivery to the customer (identity not disclosed). X4 Labs is open to serve to more such clients who intend to pay good money to spoil themselves with such customized male health accessories.

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