Beyoncé and Jay – Z rent a million dollar nursery at Barclays Center for Blue Ivy

Beyoncé and Jay-Z are celebrity royalty, so naturally, their daughter Blue Ivy Carter deserves royal treatment. First, she was born in an exclusive suite at Lenox Hill hospital, which has now been dubbed the Beyonce Room. Then of course like every little princess she needed a separate summer home. She wouldn’t be Jay-Z’s daughter If she didn’t own a pair of customized kicks like these Ruth Davis sneakers. She is, after all, a child, and every child needs her rocking horse, only in Blue’s case, it’s a solid gold one. Thus based on Blue’s childhood so far, Jay-Z’s renting a $1 million nursery should come as no surprise. Everybody knows of Jay-Z’s love for basketball, so when he watches games at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, he ensures that Blue Ivy has a nursery in the form of a luxury basement at the stadium. Home to the Brooklyn Nets, a team co-owned by Jay-Z, The Barclays Center is also where Jay Z closed his tour in October. His wife Beyoncé joined him on stage for his last 8 performances at the Barclays Center, singing their duet ‘Crazy in Love’.

The Luxury Basement under Barclays center has been rented by Jay-Z for $1 million a year and is filled with toys for Blue Ivy. The area is built entirely of glass and can also double as a VIP space for adults filled with a champagne bar and a TV screen. The most expensive of 11 such spaces available in the center, Jay-Z, allows friends to borrow it when he’s not there in his usual magnanimous way.

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