Billionaire Branson to revive lemur population on his Moskito Island

The Billionaire who loves ocean travel, space travel, and flying in general, after saving Moskito Island has now decided to save the lemurs that too on his private Caribbean island. In a bid to do his bit, he is all set to bring the first set of around 30 lemurs from zoos to the Moskito Island. The habitat is said to be about 85 miles from Puerto Rico, which will be surrounded with tamarind trees for food and will keep humans at bay.

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With critics talking abut the local lizard and bird life that will also be affect, Branson stressed on importing the common ring-tailed lemurs and add later more later. He added, “Maybe in time we could find one or two other islands in the world, preferably bigger islands, so that if Madagascar continues to destroy their habitat the lemurs will at least survive somewhere on the planet.”

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