Cardi B sets the Internet abuzz as she gifts her 3-year-old daughter a shiny $48,000 Birkin bag

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28-year-old “WAP” rapper Cardi B has her Instagram followers marinating in their opinions since she treated her three-year-old daughter to a $48,000 bedazzled Birkin handbag. ‘Me & my best friend for life’ the rapper captioned the post featuring her daughter, holding a pale yellow Hermés Birkin bag with a bedazzled rainbow on the front. Three-year-old Kulture spotted a rainbow bag at Claire’s. The little one was so obsessed with the colorful purse she begged mommy Cardi to get one for her. Mommy indeed did but a $48,000 designer version that required more than 30,000 vibrant crystals, along with 100 hours of work to place them all.

Kulture Kiara enjoying her own Rolls Royce.

Michelle Berk, CEO of Privé Porter, the man behind the magic and the expense, told Page Six, “Cardi and Kulture were at Claire’s, of all places,” she said. “Kulture saw a small bag with a rainbow and started begging for it.” He added, “In typical Cardi way, she didn’t get that bag, but she called me instead to try to replicate that rainbow on a Birkin for Kulture.” the internet is divided in their opinion. At the same time, some say a toddler doesn’t need something so lavish, and others think it’s her choice how she wishes to spend her hard-earned money. one unimpressed fan remarked, “Cardi B gifting her baby daughter a bag that price just means she’s going to grow up utterly spoiled.” Another one sang a similar tune, “What’s Cardi doing dropping $50k on a bag for a literal toddler? There are people in the world whose lives would change with that money.”

Not all fans were against the idea of Cardi’s splurge as one Twitter user said, “She works hard for her money. Let the woman live.” Another fan penned, “Love her. People who are complaining are simply jealous.” Those who follow Cardi B closely may know that she is extremely fond of the Birkin (also an excellent investment) and personally owns at least 26 and counting. The bruhaha over her buying one for her daughter seems pointless because clearly, she can afford it.

A similar reaction unfolded when Kylie Jenner shared a snap of daughter Stormi attending her first day of home school carrying a $12,000 Hermès backpack. Kim Kardashian too gifted her daughters, and nieces $1,000 Louis Vuitton bags to the err of the internet. In case you missed a dekko of her incredible Birkin collection, you can catch a glimpse of her coveted purse collection here.

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