Cristiano Ronaldo is such a big deal in Saudi Arabia that when the superstar walked into a fancy restaurant in Riyadh, the DJ almost fainted

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Cristiano is a star and a half in Saudi Arabia! After a couple of glum months, the living sports legend is living it up in Saudi as only a star can. After signing a contract with Al Nassr and bringing home a salary of $211 million a year from the Saudi Arabian club, there is plenty to smile about. Ronaldo and his family have enjoyed the attention and reveling in Saudi Arabian hospitality.

Eclectic DJ Mad Gee could not believe that he saw Ronaldo.Via Instagram / @mad_gee_

Speaking of attention, the football star received the highest form of adulation at Miyazu, the upmarket Japanese restaurant- The DJ fainted! Yes, it’s the thing of movies, watching a heartthrob walk in and fainting in slow motion.

Miyazu is frequented by the Saudi elite and international celebs.Via Facebook / @MYAZŪ SAUDI

The incident at Miyazu was all that, except the fainting wasn’t in slow motion. Here is the lowdown- waking from a maze of Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and Bentleys, two security guards escorted Ronaldo, looking drop-dead gorgeous in a Versace jacket. Not only was DJ Mad Gee surprised to see Ronaldo inside the restaurant, but he also admitted to almost fainting. He spoke about the surreal interaction, per Tatler, “I was literally in shock from the moment he came until he left,’ he says over Zoom, still in disbelief. ‘He stayed there for like two hours, and I couldn’t even look at him. He was really nice, though; he liked the music. He was dancing in his seat, raising his hands and waving the napkin around. He threw us a couple of smiles; that’s what broke the ice.”

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The move to Al-Nassr is record-breaking, making Cristiano the highest-paid player in the history of the sport. He may not have won any games yet, but he indeed is a pro at winning hearts! The DJ took to Instagram to share his excitement with fans. He said, ‘We had the honor to have MR CR7 Cristiano Ronaldo and he complimented our Music.’

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