Donald Trump gets a Custom Gold Bike from Senior of American Choppers

Television honcho and business Magnate Donald Trump’s affair with gold is an old one; remember that he accepted gold instead of cash from his tenants last year? His reputation for being a connoisseur of big and bling stuff has got him a gold custom motorcycle from Orange County Choppers. That’s right, Paul Teutul Sr and his team presented the bike to Trump on “American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior” that airs on Discovery channel. The folks from Orange County Choppers were very pleased to be gifting the bike to Trump and confessed that it was one of the best pieces that they’ve done at Orange County Choppers so far. The custom bike required a lot of hard work and time from the team to look in to aspects like design, intricate details and making it a custom fit for Donald Trump’s personality.

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Trump was equally impressed with the job that the team had done and he loved the fact that it was 100 per cent American made. Senior also happens to be one of the contestants on the current season of “The Celebrity Apprentice” and he and Trump had stuck up quite a good friendship during the show.

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