Hogging all the limelight: Move over Bezos, Elon Musk is now worth as much as Bill Gates and Warren Buffett combined with $230 billion to call his own

The space race was indeed made of exciting things, but the race happening right here on planet earth is far more interesting. Get hold of the popcorn tubs as we witness the constant back and forth between names like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, and Bill Gates. Of course, these names have been nearly constant as the wealthiest people globally, but the spots aren’t reserved, and one whammy takes them right to the top. The Tesla and SpaceX CEO is now worth $230 billion. If that amount has shaken you, then to better understand how rich $230 billion is, let’s say he is worth more than Bill Gates and Warren Buffett put together.

Bill Gates split with wife Melinda French Gates left him nearly poorer by $6 billion worth of stock, and has also lost his position of being the fourth-richest person in the world to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Bill Gates is now the fifth-richest person globally, with at least $129.6 billion to call his own. According to The Bloomberg Billionaires Index, the most recent findings place Gates in fourth place with $130 billion and Buffett in the tenth position with $102 billion. 2021 started on a good note for Musk, with Tesla stocks bringing in more than $60 billion home.

Add to this humongous amount the share sale at SpaceX, which valued the company at $100 billion as reported by CNBC. The SpaceX deal added $11 billion to Musk’s net worth, according to Bloomberg. Elon Musk celebrated this historical moment that seems to repeat itself (someone did say history repeats itself) by tweeting a silver medal to his eternal competition Jeff Bezos. Musk, the richest human on Earth, wants to do his bit and vowed to give away $150 million, including a $100 million prize in a carbon removal contest. Without a doubt, this amount will be the most generous of all his charities.

[Via: CNBC]