‘The weirdest billionaire ever’ – In a cringeworthy video, Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg is seen hydrofoiling and holding the American flag while John Denver’s ‘Take me Home, Country Roads’ plays in the background.

Mark Zuckerberg has given the world Facebook, Instagram, and a golden opportunity to turn him into a meme. He turned all eyes on himself by posting a cringe-worthy clip to his Instagram account on July 4 in which he rides above the water on an electronic surfboard. He is seen holding an American flag to the tune of John Denver’s hit song Take Me Home, Country Roads. Zuckerberg, one of the richest men in the world, is worth about $128 billion and has often been photographed in meme-worthy situations.

Of all the people globally, Zuckerberg is the last person who needs to resort to a publicity stunt, keeping in mind that he is already incredibly famous! However, that’s exactly what social media users are calling it. One Instagram user commented, ‘Flying the flag of the country you’re trying to destroy, classic.’ HuffPost editor Philip Lewis tweeted, ‘Someone told Mark Zuckerberg to act totally normal for July 4th.’ The video shows the 37-year-old using an eFoil, a surfboard-like device that flies above the ocean’s surface powered by a hydrofoil. One man suggested that the video was so bad, it could bring about peace through the common ground in the US. another user Tweeted, “I wish they could bring John Denver back to life so that he could sue Mark Zuckerberg for this.”

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The actions of such important people seldom go unnoticed. In a comment made to Zuckerberg’s post on Instagram, one person even referenced a decision from a federal judge last Monday dismissing antitrust complaints filed against Facebook by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission and attorney generals from 48 of the 50 states in the United States. The commentary wrote, “When you get your antitrust lawsuit thrown about by a judge. Let’s, GOOOOO Zuck!” The head of Instagram, which Facebook owns, recently said the site is ‘no longer a photo-sharing app .’ His recent post is evidence to support his claim. Is he really seen celebrating the 4th of July or just attempting to compete with TikTok and YouTube in the video sector?

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Mark Zuckerberg practicing throwing spears some time back.

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