Emily Ratajkowski is being sued for $150,000 over posting her own picture on Instagram

A picture is worth a thousand words Emily Ratajkowski, and in your case it’s definitely worth much more. This isn’t in order to praise the stunner for her drop-dead gorgeous looks, it is a literal statement as posting her own picture on Instagram has cost her pots of money! Picture this (pun intended), some people do get slapped with a lawsuit for posting their own pictures. These people are called celebrities and it’s the price they pay more often than not. A Manhattan photographer has sued model Emily Ratajkowski for posting a copyright-protected photo of her online. Lensman Robert O’Neil claims in his Manhattan federal court lawsuit that the 28-year-old model/actress included a photo he’d taken of her on her Instagram story, without first getting permission. He claims the Gone Girl actress didn’t license his photograph nor did she get permission or consent from him to post it to her Instagram page which is why he is suing for damages up to $150,000. Plus, he’s also asking for all of the profits that she earned off of his work.

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The picture in question is one in which the supermodel is seen (or not seen as her face is hidden) holding a bouquet of flowers that are cleverly covering her face during a New York City outing. She’s sporting an oversized blazer and tennis shoes. She captioned the post, “Mood Forever.” After this lawsuit, she would certainly want to hide her face again. The photographer is getting famous more for slapping lawsuits than his actual work. Only last month he pulled off a similar stint with Gigi Hadid over an image she posted of her ex-boyfriend, Zayn Malik.

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