Five Years – The Victoria Beckham Fashion Story a sneak peak

Victoria Beckham, Posh Spice, Ruler of the Fashion World even. One woman, many monikers! But ‘what’s in a name’, said Shakespeare, what’s in a moniker would say others! There is definitely something about the woman though. And if you were wondering what, you can now find out in “Five years: The Victoria Beckham fashion story.” Her new documentary for Skype is a rare behind-the-scenes scoop on the fiercely private fashionista’s glamorous revelry.

An exposé on the inner workings of the fashion icon’s eponymous labels, the documentary took over five long years to film. Snippets of it can be seen in a 60-second video-gone-viral. While the trailer teases with sneak peaks of the larger picture, the latter reveals details of Posh’s steady rise from pop star to fully-fledged designer. “I was a Spice Girl, married to a footballer,” she explains. “I was trying to do something that no one had really done before.”

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The film also features interviews of her colleagues, employees, friends and fellow industry members, including Vogue UK’s Alexandra Shulman. Meanwhile, Victoria continues to grow her fashion empire with her first store set to open on London’s Dover Street later this year. “I was that kid who used to watch my mom get ready and just think, wow, you look amazing. I always dreamed of designing a collection. It was always my passion,” confessed VB.

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