From Elvis Presley to Marlin Brando to Sean Connery- Here are vintage photos of stars wearing Rolex watches over the years

Celebrities and money are like cheese and crackers- always together! They have always had it even when money didn’t buy as much as it does today. Celebrities back then splurged on objects that made sense as opposed to ghost detection equipments, holy water, cheese wheels that cost a fortune, and super fancy cribs. They made clever investments in spectacular-looking Rolexes. An Instagram account, The Rolexrialist, combines everything we love about Hollywood and celebrities from famous icons, vintage photos, and models of Rolex watches that turn out to be the real stars! Let’s take a look at the most precious Rolex timepieces, worn by personalities from different decades, different fashion eras, and witness the Rolex stealing the show eternally…

This picture of American actor James Coburn is taken on the set of “Duffy” a movie by Robert Parrish in July 1967. He is seen wearing a gorgeous Rolex GMT-Master 1675

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The lovers of the Rolex GMT-Master were many including Madonna who sported the good-looker for what looks like fashion photoshoot back in 1982.

Riding high on not just cars but also style was one of the most stylish men in the 50s’-60’s, the American racing driver Masten Gregory with his Rolex Datejust 6605.

The gorgeous Elle Macpherson is seen looking radiant with her gold Rolex Daytona. Difficult to decide who is stealing hearts here.

A winning vintage Rolex Lady Datejust Diamond President 69178 model is seen here on the very beautiful Brooke Shields at the Cannes international film festival in May 1989.

One would think nothing can steal the attention away from the charming Tom Selleck and his smile but this Rolex Chronosport Sea Quartz 30 is giving him some tough competition on the set of “Magnum P.I.”.

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The Rolex GMT-Master 1675 is seen on another heartthrob in gold with a stunning “Mocha dial”. Looks like he is having a good time at his Los Angeles home in 1977 sipping cocktails and wearing his success!

While Elvis Presley has his arms wrapped around stunner Stella Stevens our eyes are stuck on his Rolex Submariner 6538 Big Crown instead. Doesn’t it look like he is also showing off his Rolex instead of his girl?

This one dates all the way back to 1953. The Rolex oyster perpetual 6011 with the 14K gold case as seen on Clark Gable on the set of “Mogambo” by John Ford.

Sean Connery with his Rolex Submariner 6538 on set of Dr. No.

Marlin Brando on the set of the Fugitive Kind wearing a Rolex Moonphase 6062

Michael Caine and his Rolex DayDate “President” 1803

[The_rolexrialist on Instagram via Vogue]

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