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He is one chef that absolutely needs no introduction. Four years after he bid adieu to Dubai with the closing of Verre, Gordon Ramsay is back in sunny Dubai with a brand new restaurant – the Bread Street Kitchen & Bar, at the magnificent Atlantis, The Palm resort. Originally opened in London’s St Pauls area, Bread Street Kitchen has revived Ramsay globally with the launch of Bread Street Kitchen in Hong Kong, Singapore, and now Dubai. The restaurant scheduled to open on the 1st of November features a casual dining menu with all your British favorites and a cocktail bar. Luxurylaunches had a chat with the Michelin-starred chef who is excited about bringing a little bit of London back to the city of Dubai.

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In your experience, how has Dubai changed as a culinary destination?
Dubai has become a magnet for every top chef in the world. Right now, it is one of the most exciting and one of the most prominent foodie cities, anywhere in the world.

What makes Dubai on a par with global cities such as London and New York?
Dubai can now count itself on par with cities such as London, New York and Paris because of its creativity, the architecture is stunning, the footfall is amazing in terms of customers but most importantly, the cuisine is exceptional.

Why did you choose to partner with Atlantis, The Palm for this Bread Street Kitchen in Dubai?
I couldn’t think of a better partner to launch Bread Street Kitchen in Dubai, than with Atlantis. The place is a phenomenon; it’s got something for everybody. The culinary scene there now is like this little hotspot in the middle of the desert.

What is the dining experience like at Bread Street Kitchen?
Bread Street Kitchen is all about the buzz, the atmosphere, the all day excitement behind the menu. There is something for everyone, whether it is a brunch or something unique for a romantic setting dinner, great bar, phenomenal cocktails, great ales and a kitchen that’s live on show. So it’s almost like a theatre style operation, pretty unique.
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Describe the dishes at Bread Street Kitchen Dubai?
The menu at Bread Street Kitchen draws on the great British influences, but gives a nice modern twist.

It’s light, it’s exciting. There is something for everybody, whether it’s the most amazing stone bass cerviche, or the most incredible rib eye, or even something as sumptuous as a chocolate fondant with chocolate ice cream, it is pretty unique but very stylish. The kind of food you can eat comfortably, without feeling that you must take to bed for three or four hours afterwards.

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What about the bar and its signature drinks?
The bar scene Bread Street Kitchen is an amazing addition, the vibe, the excitement behind the cocktails. The whole menu has been put together by a brilliant mixologist, and again there is something for everybody, because of its uniqueness, whether it’s a British Gin or whether it’s the flare of infusing cocktails with Rosemary or Thyme. Spicing up the drinks, becoming somewhat unique and for the first time in a long time, making sure those cocktails have synergy with the menu. And this is quite a hard match, but we’ve pulled it off.

What is your favorite dish that you serve in Bread Street Kitchen?
Trying to name your favorite dish for any chef is all about the mood, the location and the time, and of course the company. So I have thousands of favorite dishes, but if I had to cherry pick my favourite starter for lunch from Bread Street kitchen, it would have to be the most amazing Alaskan King Crab Salad. It’s done with pink peppercorn sauce, and then for my main course I’d go for a grilled scallop of eel. For a dinner choice, I’d start off with the most amazing tamarind marinated chicken wings, and then for my entree it would have to be an incredible beautifully grilled rib eye, finished with a red wine butter and then the thickest, chunkiest most delicious chips you’ve ever, ever eaten in your entire life. So that to me? That would make me the happiest chef in all of the EU.

How does the restaurant evolve during the day so you’ve got lunch, you’ve got dinner, cocktails, etc.?
The kitchen is unique across all the offerings. Lunchtime we get very involved with the food, in terms of slow braising, great grills, and amazing salads.

Dinner kicks into a completely different vibe, because it’s electric, it’s vibrant, it’s glamorous. Something quite unique about Bread Street Kitchen is the lighting, because it sort of makes everything glow. The intimate lighting makes you want to spend longer at dinner, based on the surroundings.

What else is interesting about the design of Bread Street Kitchen Dubai?
The Bread Street kitchen design is all about Cool Britannia, like the little jewels of the east end of London, plucked up and given a nice brush, velvety, glossy texture to it. So it’s Cool Britannia, slightly sort of industrial, but very modern, and a very sumptuous, but refined way of sitting and eating.

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How will Bread Street Kitchen in Dubai differ from the other Bread Street Kitchens around the world?
Bread Street Kitchen in Dubai will draw on the local influences, such as the spice element that I love. I started working in Dubai nearly fourteen years ago, so I am pretty much up to speed with what the locals want, what the visitors are looking for and how to continue with that level of inspiration, drawing on the local offerings. In the UK, we have the most amazing Atlantic Cod, in Dubai we have the most amazing hammour, and vice versa with vegetables. From a chef’s point of view, it’s a bit of a dream come true because the area surrounding is like a little mini oasis, packed with great fish, shellfish, etc. There is lots of buzz now in the foodie scene, because there are some phenomenal restaurants across Dubai.

How do you think Bread Street Kitchen will complement the other dining experiences at Atlantis, The Palm?

I’m very confident Bread Street Kitchen will slot in well with the heavy weights across the culinary scene in Atlantis. Based on the mega reputation that these restaurants already have from Ossiano, Ronda Locatelli and Nobu, you’ve got some phenomenal chefs there. To be on that strip and to be part of that scene, rub shoulders with some of the best chefs, anywhere in the world, is a dream come true. Also I think from a British point of view, what a source of inspiration especially for my brigade here, cherry picking some of the best chefs that we’ve nursed over the last four years since launching the first Bread Street Kitchen, and sending them out to Dubai. Tapping into the culture, embracing the local produce, and getting inspired, when you’ve got restaurants on your doorstep that good, then it’s a win-win for all of us.

Summarize your excitement about bringing Bread Street Kitchen to Atlantis, The Palm in one sentence?
Bringing Bread Street Kitchen to Atlantis, for me is a dream comes true. I remember my first holiday therewith the children in Atlantis, there was something for everybody, fun, sea, great food, but the excitement was magical. So having a chance to bring some Cool Britannia, lifting up a little piece of London and planting right smack bang in the middle of Atlantis, I cannot wait for it.

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