Hillary Clinton targets the richest 0.2% Americans with a death wish

It is war. When the titans fight, the effects are bound to snowball into major chaos. Especially when the war is within the superpower. This November the US is going to churn the most significant moment in its history. Either the nation will get its first woman president or the eccentric Donald Trump. Hillary has proposed a 65% inheritance taxes on billionaire properties. And this is slated to be the highest estate tax since the 1980s. As per a post on her campaign website, “this would raise the estate tax from the current 40% to 45%, the rate that existed in 2009. But the biggest estates would face rates of up to 65% for property valued at more than $500 million for a single person or $1 billion per couple, under her proposal, an update of an earlier plan.” Trump, a real estate developer, is not going to be happy. He has already been wanting to eliminate the “death tax” as people have lovingly named it.

So, things are getting tighter at the west-end, folks. Keep watching.

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[ Via : Fortune ]

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