Idris Elba plans on opening an extravagant luxury resort in Sierra Leone after Coronavirus recovery

Coronavirus and the quarantine have given people a lot of time to ponder and plan; Covid-19 infected Idris Elba has done the needful thinking required to turn his dream of turning Sierra Leone into Africa’s answer to Dubai. The plans sound terrific and the only thing between these plans and its executioner Elba is the virus. He is Idris Elba after all which is why the virus stands no chance however we are more interested in his Richard Branson-style vacation empire. In his dad’s native Sierra Leone, Idris Elba wants to create a luxury eco-resort of restaurants, bars, and hotels. He sees a lot of beauty and potential in this place to turn it into a real ­holiday hotspot and put the country on the map as a must-see destination. Though his dad is from Sierra Leone, Elba’s love affair with the picturesque place started when he visited its capital Freetown last year. It made a further impact on him when he was honored by being awarded citizenship in the country.

For now, the actor is quarantined and has enough and more time to mull over his plans which do sound great and promising. For those who are unaware, Elba is a fabulous DJ too so turning Sierra Leone’s nightlife into a buzzing one will come rather easily to him. We hope he recovers soon and gets this world a new place to party in once we win the battle again COVID-19.

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[Via: Daily Mail]

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