A Jenny like us! Jennifer Lopez makes an innocuous fashion faux-pas by accidentally leaving the price tag on her sashaying Dolce & Gabbana cape

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Let’s face it; every time Jennifer Lopez dons a designer outfit and struts her stuff, it’s difficult to imagine her as anything but a real-life goddess. If you need a reminder, read this post about Lopez on the runway at Milan Fashion Week back in 2019 in a green, jungle-print Versace gown. It was a reincarnation of the leaf-print dress that Jennifer Lopez infamously wore to the Grammys in 2000. She broke the internet then for looking sensational, and she broke the internet (almost) by making a fashion faux-pas that made her just a little bit more routine and relatable.

On Sunday, the 52-year-old entered the Dolce & Gabbana’s Alta Moda show in Venice in a stunning outfit fit for a royal. The only thing that was amiss in the early perfect look, complete with an ornate floral cape with high-waisted trousers, embellished gold crown, and heels, was- the price tag! Jenny on the block will indeed be chasing her team with her block heel in hand, for the world is talking about how great she looks but not without mentioning the price tag that hangs on her sashaying cape. Matter of factly speaking, it just makes her feel like one of us.

She now seems to be 90% goddess and 10% human, which is a good thing. We all have experienced the pricetag-on embarrassment in our lives. Fans were quick to comment, as one tweeted, “I knew she was like the rest of us.” Others defended the style snafu, adding, “Jlo and dress were [sic] very beautiful even though the price tag was there.” Keeping Lopez company was make-up artist Mary Phillips and hair stylist Chris Appleton, who documented the event on Instagram but failed to notice the itty-bitty piece of paper that’s got the internet in splits.

Via Instagram / @jlo

Nonetheless, she looked resplendent thanks to beauty products from her JLo Beauty line. In conclusion, I only say that a pricetag never looked so good on anybody!

Via Instagram / @jlo
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