Justin Bieber gets a $100,000 Fisker Karma hybrid car on his 18th birhtday

Ladies, if you have trouble hunting down Justin Bieber, your woes are almost over. All you need to do now is keep a lookout for a sleek Fisker Karma. Yes, the singer who turned 18 was gifted the sleek $100,000 eco-friendly machine on the Ellen DeGeneres show by his manager, Scooter Braun, and Usher. “We wanted to make sure since you love cars, that when you’re on the road, you are always looking environmentally friendly. And we decided to get you a car that would make you stand out,” said Braun about his gift to the teen sensation. As Bieber watched in bated breath for the curtain to open and reveal his hybrid sedan, he was speechless. Like any excited teenager unable to contain his excitement, Justin reacted with, “That’s mine? That’s crazy! This is amazing!” as he checked out his new set of wheels.

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Bieber, on his part, however, plans to give back to society on his birthday by helping raise money for Charity: Water, a non-profit organization that provides clean drinking water to people in developing nations. As for the host of the shown, Ellen DeGeneres, she gifted Bieber a windshield sunshade printed with the image of both of their faces atop a pink heart, as well as a bobblehead bearing her likeness for his dashboard. However, ladies, do not mistake Justin Bieber for the Titanic star on the roads, as Leonardo DiCaprio was the first one to receive the Fisker Karma.
[Via NYDailyNews]

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