Kim Kardashian got custom made silver Skittles to match the interiors of her $150 million private jet

Via - Instagram / Kim kardashian

Kim Kardashian is a woman with good taste and a great sense of aesthetics. Her love for all things understated hasn’t gone unnoticed. We have seen her love for the lack of color on a tour of her Calabasas, California mansion that wears a unique, monochrome look decked out in a very light shade of beige and is admittedly mausoleum-like. Her exotic car collection matches the home to the T. Meaning only at Kim K’s garage will you witness a Lamborghini Urus, a Rolls-Royce Ghost, and a Mercedes-Maybach sedan in a matching shade of matte grey. The matching game continued with her $150 million private jet. Kim Air, as it’s called, corresponds with exotic cars and mansion.

Kim’s fleet of luxury cars is also ‘grey’. Image via – Youtube / Vogue

There is more grey in her life than Christian Gray himself; the mom-of-four indeed has her own version of fifty-shades-of-grey when fans discovered custom-made silver Skittles on her $150 million private jet. No points for guessing, even the candy bowl was grey. The same aesthetic has been spotted on her nine-product skincare line Skkn. Of course, fans slammed her yet again for showing off her custom-made skittles as they did for her cars. Now, will the real Christian Gray please stand up?

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