Kourtney Kardashian fails to recognize Jeff Bezos in an episode of Vanity Fair’s Lie Detector web series

Via Youtube / @Vanity Fair

Jeff Bezos needs no introduction. However, not something Kourtney Kardashian would agree to! The celeb recently appeared on Vanity Fair’s very famous Lie Detector web series wherein she failed to recognize the Amazon chairman, much to the shock of – well -everyone!

Kourtney’s big blooper:
The Kardashian appeared on the show with her sister Khloe wherein she was shown pictures of three entrepreneurs in a segment and asked to take business advice from any of them. While she was quick to recognize Fenty Beauty founder and singer, Rihanna, she was completely perplexed upon seeing the next image i.e., that of Bezos. On seeing his picture, Kourtney blurted out, ‘’I don’t even know who this is.’ However, Khloe came to her rescue and explained that he created Amazon. Embarrassed, Kourtney then said, “You guys, I don’t watch the news. I don’t look at news stories. Does that mean I need to know what Jeff Bezos looks like?”

Via Youtube / @Vanity Fair

What else transpired during the episode:
In addition to Rihanna and Bezos’s pictures, Kourtney was also shown Elon Musk’s photograph. To which she replied, ‘I would listen to his business advice.’ While Kourtney failed miserably during the above-mentioned segment, she faired rather okay in the other parts.
The mother of three was seen asking her sister Khloe several questions on the show too – like what she felt about her short wedding dress and if she was still sleeping with the father of her two children Tristan Thompson after his paternity scandal.

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The Internet’s verdict on Kourtney’s ignorance:
While Kourtney may have nonchalantly stated that she doesn’t recognize Bezos and that she doesn’t watch the news either – the internet was quick to diss her for her responses. Calling her out on Vanity Fair’s Instagram handle, one user said – “The deep privilege of not watching the news.”

Other comments read, “‘Not watching the news’ is not something an adult should be proud of,”, “How privileged does one need to be to not pay attention to the news,” and “Nothing screams privilege than ‘I don’t watch the news.”

Well, maybe its time you started watching the news, Kourtney!

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