Lady Gaga spotted on Louis Vuitton wheelchair

She’s got the will of a lioness, is a bold iconic figure with a notorious repute to stun and shock at the same time. She floored us with her Judah number, and many others. Yes, I’m talking about none other than the lady over whom we go GAGA! All die-hard fanons of this diva are quite aware of her medical condition. But as reputation precedes, the Lady Gaga is not the kinds to curl-up into a fur ball, infact the celebrated pop-star was spotted at Chicago on her 27th birthday – 28th March, and the night after, both times in her Louis Vuitton wheelchair! Seemingly, the LV wheelchair is not the only luxury wheelchair Gaga owns. She also has another in 24-karat created by Mordekai designer Ken Borochov. The Louis Vuitton wheelchair is a posh piece with chocolate-colored seating along with the monagramed LV initials, a wooden handrest and black body.

Nonetheless, Gaga, we hope you recover soon and get back to giving us smash-hits!

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[Via – Dailymail and Usmagazine]