Despite having sold Amazon shares worth billions in 2023 alone, Mackenzie Scott is still the second-largest shareholder after Jeff Bezos and holds 184.28 million shares of the online retailer worth $34.09 billion.

Mackenzie Scott, ex-wife of centibillionaire Jeff Bezos, worth $202 billion, continues to reign as the second-largest shareholder of Amazon. The author received almost 4% of Amazon’s shares as part of the couple’s high-profile 2019 divorce. She has been donating enthusiastically and perpetually since then and is still left with cool billion-dollar bundles of 184.28 million Amazon shares worth $34.09 billion (as per today’s closing price of Amazon stock of $185 per share). If there is anyone who could embody the phrase, ‘you get when you give,’ it is the 54-year-old philanthropist.

Jeff Bezos and Mackenzie Scott.

Despite having donated over $16.5 billion to around 1,600 nonprofits by selling billions worth of shares for charity, she still is the second-largest shareholder owing to the company’s success. One might think her fortune would dwindle owing to her unprecedented philanthropy—$16.5 billion is a monumental amount even for one of the wealthiest people on the planet—but with Amazon share prices increasing, she seems to be in a win-win position.

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The Dance Institute of Washington is the receiver of a $2 million grant from Mackenzie Scott.

In 2019, Scott signed the Giving Pledge and aims to donate most of her wealth. In 2023 alone, Mackenzie Scott sold 65 million Amazon shares worth over $10 billion. She continues to give with both hands. In 2024, she has already donated $3 million to a Chicago-based nonprofit, Hire360, to construct its Training and Business Development Center. Last month, she donated $2 million to the Columbia Heights Dance School in Washington, D.C., which will equip the Institute’s efforts to drive societal change through dance education.

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