Mackenzie Scott’s donation bazooka has fired once again: she has donated an astounding $8 million to Cara Collective for poverty alleviation and workforce development, making it the largest amount the Chicago nonprofit has received to date.

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Megadonor Mackenzie Scott is once again demonstrating her remarkable generosity by gifting $8 million to Cara Collective, a leading organization in workforce development and poverty alleviation. As one of the most benevolent philanthropists, this donation represents yet another remarkable act of kindness from her. Notably, it stands as the largest single donation in Cara Collective’s history, spanning over three decades. These funds will play a pivotal role in extending the organization’s reach and enhancing its impact, ensuring long-term financial sustainability for the next thirty years. Truly, this is an extraordinary gesture!

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Kathleen St. Louis Caliento, President & CEO of Cara Collective, expressed profound gratitude for Ms. Scott’s monumental gift. She stated, “We are humbled and grateful that Ms. Scott has chosen to recognize Cara Collective with this monumental gift. This investment is an acknowledgment of the work Cara Collective has done to support thousands of job seekers in finding gainful employment opportunities and a testament to the dedication of our community who helped us reach this incredible moment. It also demonstrates Ms. Scott’s shared commitment to building an inclusive economy for all.”

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The infusion of funds will enable Cara Collective better to address the diverse needs of thousands of job seekers. Caliento added, “We recognize there is still a tremendous need to reach even more individuals and communities. This gift is the launch pad that will allow Cara Collective to accelerate to the next chapter of our organization so we can reach thousands more in Chicago and uplift untapped talent nationally.” To maximize the impact of Scott’s extraordinary gift, a committee comprising Cara Collective stakeholders has devised short- and long-term plans.

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Mackenzie Scott’s charitable organization, Yield Giving, carefully selected Cara Collective from among 1,621 organizations dedicated to serving people and communities facing the most pressing needs in the United States. It is noteworthy that Mackenzie Scott, the former spouse of centibillionaire Jeff Bezos, has donated a staggering $14.1 billion thus far.

Via Facebook / @Cara Chicago

Cara Collective, a recognized leader in workforce development-
is on a mission to eliminate relational and financial poverty through its four entities: Cara, Cleanslate, Cara Connects, and Cara Plus. These entities collaborate with job seekers, employers, and various organizations across the United States to break the cycle of poverty through meaningful employment. Since its establishment in 1991, Cara Collective has successfully assisted more than 8,500 individuals in securing over 14,500 job placements.

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