Madonna dazzles on MDNA Tour with 315,000 Swarovski crystals

When a pop diva takes the stage, heads turn, and a pop sensation having a good 315,000 Swarovski crystals glittering and shimmering on her and around her is bound to create quite a spectacle. On her recent ongoing MDNA tour, American singer, songwriter, actress, director, dancer, and entrepreneur Madonna, decided to have her dance crew and herself look as eye-grabbing as ever, using Swarovski crystal-studded patent-leather footwear and Venetian masks, top-hats and riding crops, all studded with these twinkling pieces of cut-crystal. And that’s not all.

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For the finale of “Celebration,” Madonna will sport a jeweled MDNA t-shirt, chiseled and polished to perfection. However, what dropped our jaws more is an armored-chainmail-reminiscent creation sporting nearly a thousand micro-crystals, each cut meticulously and a fitting attire for a spotlight moment. Madonna’s MDNA tour will hit the Yankee Stadium in New York twice next week with performances on the 6th and 8th of September.

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