Madonna purchases a lavish $40 million home in New York

The queen of pop, Madonna, has finally decided to invest in a lovely New York property. The star has purchased a Manhattan mansion for a whopping $40 million! Despite its heavy price tag, this luxurious mansion has one flaw that Madonna seems to have overlooked. Apparently, the mansion on the Upper East Side still shakes from the nearby subway trains. But one look at what this lovely abode has in store for the star, and you realize why she overlooked this tiny inconvenience. The amenities include a two-car garage, a 3000 sqm garden, nine fireplaces, an elevator, a wine cellar with a grotto, 13 bedrooms, and 14 bathrooms!

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However the star has no plans of shifting into her new home immediately as she has plans for extensive renovations to fit her family’s taste and needs. A great buy; this house will surely please the pop star.

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