Despite turning off the location transponders and sailing in secrecy, Mark Zuckerberg’s $300 million superyacht and its bright red helicopter caused a sensation in Mallorca. Now, the privacy-loving Facebook founder is moving his superyachts to a secret location in the Mediterranean.

Image - Diario de Mallorca. Via Instagram / @zuck

Billionaire Mark Zuckerberg has become more of an attention-grabbing figure since the superyacht Launchpad entered his life. Although he may prefer to avoid the spotlight, these floating giants are impossible to ignore. Such was the case in Mallorca when the Silicon Valley tycoon’s $300 million 40th birthday gift caused a stir due to its sheer beauty and stature. Zuckerberg’s Launchpad and Wingman yachts recently docked at the Club de Mar in Palma for the first time on their maiden Mediterranean voyage.

Image – Diario de Mallorca

Earlier this week, on June 7th, the magnificent 387-foot Feadship vessel was spotted moored in the outer dock of the new Club de Mar Mallorca. Launchpad is a massive pleasure craft that accommodates 24 guests and a crew of 48. It’s no wonder this ship commands attention, but the credit isn’t solely due to this spectacular 4,999 GT vessel.

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Launchpad at Club de Mar de Palma. Image – Diario de Mallorca

As of now, 48 staff members of the Launchpad await the arrival of the Facebook founder, who is worth $176 billion. The 45th largest luxury vessel enjoyed a coveted coastline trip from the Club de Mar de Palma to the picturesque southeast coast of Mallorca.

Launchpad’s journey took it through the bay of Palma, passing the coast of Portals, Magaluf, the Sol de Mallorca urbanization, El Toro, Port Adriano, the Malgrats islands, Santa Ponça, and Peguera. While Launchpad has a top speed of 24 knots, the stunning locale likely had the ship cruising at a leisurely pace to savor the incredible vistas.

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According to Marine Traffic, the 387-footer has left Mallorca and is en route to an undisclosed destination. Its $30 million shadow vessel, Wingman, is also heading in the same direction along with the $300 million mothership of the Meta boss.

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