Morgan Freeman purchases the SJ30 private jet for $7million

The latest celebrity who is all set to fly high (literally), is none other than Morgan Freeman. The actor who has a private pilot’s license has just purchased a new private jet from the Emirates Investment and Development Company (Emivest), a private investment company in the UAE. The new purchase, SJ30 is produced by Sino Swearingen Aircraft Corporation (SSAC), a US-based manufacturer and a subsidiary of Emivest. The SJ30, a business jet is known as “the world’s fastest, longest-range and highest-flying light jet”. The aircraft can maintain sea level cabin pressure at 41,000 feet and has a top cruising altitude of 49,000 feet. Although there is no official information about the price of this jet, it is said that Freeman who was to fly the new jet from Los Angeles to the UAE, purchased it for $7million!

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A press conference attended by Freeman (who is accompanied by his niece) and Al Gandi (chairman Emivest) is scheduled to take place today at the Executive Flight Centre at the Dubai Airport Free Zone to announce the sale of the new SJ30 from Emivest to Freeman.