Pope Benedict blessed Harley Davidson to go up for auction

A very manifestation of this is where we see the leader of the Vatican church and the Sovereign of the Vatican City State go ahead and add his touch of divine blessing to a motorcycle brand considered to glorify a rebel image. For Harley Davidson’s 110th anniversary, which happens to be in 2013, the motorcycle company asked Pope Benedict XVI to bless and autograph two gas tanks that will be a remembrance of this triumphant year for the American bike company. One of the gas tanks would go on a bike placed in the Harley Davidson Museum in Milwaukee, WI, and the other will go on a bike that Harley will auction for the Good Samaritan Foundation.

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Harley plans to celebrate its 110th anniversary by hosting a party in the Port of Ostia, a parade through Rome’s heart, two headlining concerts at Stadio Olimpico, and a papal bike blessing at St. Peter’s Square that will be held from June 13th to the 16th, 2013. The party will come back to the States from August 31st to September 2nd, 2013, and be held in Milwaukee.
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