Queen dons Swarovski encrusted 3D glasses for her special 3D Christmas day message

Staying at the realm of a democratic monarchy isn’t a joke, and the Queen has held on to her role with dignity. As England celebrated her Diamond Jubilee, the royal family sent a global thank you to everyone who pitched into the celebrations. In her traditional Christmas Day message to the Commonwealth, the queen who sang praises of London’s Olympic hosting skills, donned a shimmering pair of crystal-encrusted 3D glasses, marking the first 3D broadcast by the Queen ever.

The glasses were first used by the queen at a movie training centre in Toronto way back in 2010. It features a ‘Q’ written in Swarovski crystals on either sides. A spokeswoman from the Buckingham Palace said that this was something different which was being tried specially for the Jubilee year. She added,”The Queen absolutely agreed straight away, there was no need for convincing at all.” Now that’s how you should celebrate the fact that the world didn’t end in 2012!

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