Russian Abramovich’s plans for $230 million mansion in London

What is with rich people and ugly home? After the Indian showcase of ‘rich-yet-poor’ choice of habitat, now the Russian lords have taken over creating a ‘modern art’ as form of a home. Oligarch Roman Abramovich waited more than 10 years and has finally emerged a winner by acquiring all nine luxury apartments in two adjoining buildings in London, next to the iconic Harrods, in the posh Knightsbridge neighbourhood. This complex, he wishes to merge and produce a staggering and scintillating mansion with a total cost of $230 million. The 30,000 sq feet area with its eight bedrooms is apparently a historic building designed by Thomas Cubitt who has parts of the Buckingham Palace to his credits. Our Mr Roman wants to convert this structure into a glorious Victorian style mansion.

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The new structure will feature six bedrooms, two guest rooms, a multi-car garage (but of course), staff accommodation at the back side, a cinema or entertainment room, an indoor swimming pool (London’s cold you know, so this one might be temperature-controlled), sauna and steam room as well as a children’s study and entertainment room (I thought pets had all the fun!). Lastly but not least-ly, he wants to go way out into showing that ‘minimal’ isn’t enough and so the interiors will be bursting with thick carpets and heavy draperies.

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