Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich Spends $52,000 on lunch

Russian billionaires are knows for their extravagance, opulence and reckless spending. The nouveau riche of capitalist Russia are showing the old timers that money can actually be fun, and a lot fun than they could have imagined during the cold war days. One such extravagant billionaire is Roman Abramovich. He spent an astounding $52,000 for a lunch, while most poor Russians still have a meal of baked potatoes and roots.

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The bill came up to $42,221.09 after munching on filet mignon, white truffles and washing them down with expensive wine. There were ten people on the table and a tip of $5000 was added to pay a tidy bill of $52,221.09! Abramovich is the world’s 51st richest man and has a net worth of $8.5 billion. We had recently written about how he went ahead and equipped his yacht with an anti-paparazzi shield. And that is not good for those in our business.
Via: Luxuo

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