Saudi Arabia will invest a whopping $1 billion a year in anti-aging research

The number of people saying that ‘Beauty is skin deep’ is much smaller than the number of people believing it. Why do we have people obsessing over reversing, stopping, or slowing the aging process? The world’s richest man, Jeff Bezos, funded an age-reversal startup that could possibly give billionaires at least 50 extra years on earth by slowing the aging process. Biotechnology firm Altos Labs was roped in to study the potential of cell reprogramming technology to turn back the clock in animals and, potentially, humans. As per News of Max, the Saudi royal family has set up a non-profit called the Hevolution Foundation.

A whopping $1 billion a year of its oil assets will be pumped into the research into the biology of life, aging, and seeking to prolong human life years. Interesting Engineering shared, “Our primary goal is to extend the period of healthy lifespan,” said Mehmood Khan, a former endocrinologist at the Mayo Clinic who was recruited to serve as the foundation’s CEO in 2020. He added, “There is not a bigger medical problem on the planet than this one.” He stated the fund is authorized to spend up to $1 billion per year indefinitely and will be able to take financial stakes in biotech companies though Hevolution has not announced a project yet.

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