Taiwanese pop singer gets dizzy spells in $9,140 diamond encrusted headphones

Elva Hsiao is a pop singer in Taiwan who has mesmerized the nation with her music. Besides creating ripples with her blockbuster numbers, she is also one of the nation’s most influential style icons. Hence it is no wonder that her management company spent S$50,000 ($35,145) on an image makeover for the Taiwanese pop singer right before releasing her latest album. The company hired five stylists to help create a new image for Elva. Besides the new outfits and haircut, one accessory that stood out in her new wardrobe and appealed to our luxury-loving sensibilities are her gemstone studded headphones. The vintage headphones encrusted with various gemstones and diamonds were personally decorated by Elva and her team of five stylists. The beautiful headphones are said to be worth S$13,000 ($9,000)! And as the saying goes- ‘uneasy lies the head that wears the crown, this crown-like accessory gave quite a lot of pain to its wearer.

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According to Elva, the gemstones made the headphones extremely heavy, increasing their weight to about 1kg. After wearing it for more than five minutes during the photoshoot, Elva’s whole head felt heavy, and her feet felt light. She actually started to get dizzy spells!
Like they say- ‘no gain without pain.’