Fender unveils hand-built signature Eric Clapton amplifiers

Fender inked a deal recently with the master of strings, rock, and blues, Eric Clapton, for its latest amplifiers line. Built to Clapton’s specifications, these amplifiers, the EC Twinolux, EC Tremolux, and EC Vibro-Champ, are based on the ’57 Twin, ’57 Deluxe, and ’57 Champ amplifiers from the 50s.

The amps come with output tube bias tremolo and a switchable power attenuator and are made by hand. Personally inspired by the musical guru himself, these amps come with price tags of $1,399.99 for the EC Vibro-Champ, $2.799.99 for the EC Tremolux and $4,199.99 for the top of the line EC Twinolux.
[Sonicstate] And [Fender]

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