Diamond-studded Dre Beats headphones dazzle for $1 million

We have mentioned about all sorts of Dr Dre Beats headphones, right from gold-plated to Swarovski-studded variants, on Luxurylaunches. So how could we miss the Beats by Dre headphones valued at $1 million dollars? These headphones stole the show when Madonna performed with Sky Blu, LMFAO member, during the Super Bowl 2012 halftime show. And if you are wondering that our material girl was the one flaunting these million dolllar headphones then you need to shake up a bit and focus hard. SkyBlu grabbed the limelight by sporting this pair of diamond encrusted Beats by Dre headphones which are exclusively customized by London-based jewelers, Graff. Though it is reported that Madonna too wants the pair for herself!

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