MasterCard all set to issue diamond-studded cards

Like I always say, there are some people who have managed to outsmart the economic crisis and are still leading a luxurious lifestyle. Keeping these people in mind, MasterCard has come up with its brand new diamond studded card. Yes, its true the card is inlaid with a diamond and laced with gold. The card will be known as Diamond and will come with a 0.02-carat gem. The card will also come with special designs based on the credit card holder’s gender. The female card owners will have the picture of a peacock while the gentlemen will have the picture of a winged horse.

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The card, which has a $1,000 annual fee, is to be issued in two weeks’ time by MasterCard and Kazkommertsbank, the second largest bank in Kazakhstan, where the oil and minerals boom of recent years has created a fresh crop of billionaires. Each would have a credit limit of $50,000, about $20,000 higher than the highest limit on some MasterCard platinum cards. To pamper you further, the Kazakh card comes with a personal card “manager”, available around the clock.
Definitely a gem of a card, this one is sure to ‘shine’ every time you swipe.


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