A $50,000 Black diamond pacifier is fit to pacify a crying Kardashian

As if a Swarovski studded vintage Rolls Royce wasn’t enough for the ma and pa, there is now a black diamond pacifier for the baby as well. “Inspired by William & Kate’s Royal Baby,” it is a wee bit extravagant considering the new parents didn’t want a pacifier for their baby, to begin with, don’t you think? I would, however, recommend them the Easywalker by Mini stroller that oozes British opulence.

The Australia-based company selling the posh pacifier said, “Kalfin Jewellery offers several custom-made diamond-encrusted pacifiers for the ultimate in extravagance.” No, thank you, Kalfin. Whatever happened to the good old orthodontic, simply soothing or perhaps, personalized at best? They sure wouldn’t know, but the fine jewelry creators further went on to say, “baby gift ideas have been run of the mill for some time from the spoons, to the bracelet, etc., the concept of the Diamond Pacifier is a world first and think this would make a great story.” Yeah. A great comedy!

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It may not beat Russell and Case Jewelers’ $85,000 dummy pacifier but then again, that was one dummy. The bank-busting Kalfin binky seems to be banking on dummies instead if it retails for $50,000. With such a preposterous price tag, it clearly is the world’s most expensive pacifier fit for tiny brats more, tots less.

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Besides the “heirloom set,” Kalfin offers a full “less to luxe” range for luxe lovers who are less insane. The sterling silver line retails for $180 per suckie, while the white and yellow gold run $450 per pacifier.

[Available at Kalfin Via Babycenter]

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