A large diamond-studded conch shell worth $470,000 displayed in India

I don’t know what the fetish with conch shells is, but it sure works well for the fashion lovers. But this is beyond that as well. The Surat Chamber of Commerce in India had put a huge diamond-studded conchshell on display. Estimated at Rs 2.5 crore ($470,000), the conchshell crafted using acrylic and silver is 5.5 feet tall and almost 3 feet wide. Set with as many as 28,000 cubic zirconium diamonds, the stones have been sponsored by a Swiss company.

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A part of the Sparkle exhibition, the shell is finished with “Strings of Panchmukhi rudraksha” that give the conch a spiritual feel. Designer Rajesh Bajaj who made the conchshell adds, “This conchshell will be auctioned after the four-day exhibition and the amount collected will be donated to charity.

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