Ballon Bleu De Cartier Serti Vibrant Watch dazzles with twinkling diamonds

Cartier has launched a mesmerizing watch for women, the Ballon Bleu de Cartier Serti Vibrant. The new mechanism on this watch allows the diamonds to shudder and shimmer on the dial. Unlike other watches where the diamonds are dancing around the dial, these diamonds do not move form their place but tremble when the wrist moves, the effect of which is absolutely stunning.

Cartier is well known for its watches and jewelry, and now they have gone one step further and created a masterpiece in this design. The diamond studded dial shakes to give slight movement to the 123 brilliant diamonds, totaling to almost 3.46 carats to give it the rippling effect and make it seem like the diamonds are winking at you. The rhodiumized 18K white gold case looks stunning with the blue steel sword shaped hands. The crown is set with the distinctive sapphire cabochon that is synonymous with Cartier watches.

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cartier-ballon-bleu-2The wow factor does not stop at the dial. The entire bracelet that runs around the wrist I sset with 985 diamonds totaling to about 8.82 carats. It is water resistant upto 30 meters.

This watch is created in a limited edition of 20 watches, each individually numbered and costing $250,000.

[Via – Cartier]

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