Word’s most expensive Abaya studded with most expensive red diamond is worth $17.7 million

The lady sure knows to wow women with dresses sporting diamonds and a most expensive tag! Debbie Wingham has already hit the headlines in the fashion world with her creation of the world’s most expensive black diamond dress. This time she is determined to woo the well-heeled Islamic women by designing the world’s most expensive Abaya. Valued at £11.7 million ($17.7 million), this dazzling outfit will be unveiled at Raffles Hotel in Dubai on 20th March. The uber-exclusive Abaya also boasts of being entrusted with the world’s rarest and most expensive red diamond worth £4.89 million ($7.4 million). The rest of the value of this pro-Muslim outfit is boosted by using 2000 stones set in platinum that include fifty 2 carat flawless white diamonds, fifty 2 carat flawless black diamonds, and 1899 pointer diamonds. The black and red creation is put together with over 200,000 hand stitches in 14-carat white gold thread. Debbie marks her love for Dubai and the respect for its culture with this exclusively valuable Abaya.

Debbie Wingham’s most expensive Abaya definitely steals the crown of most expensive from the £175,000 ($345,428) abaya created by Bruce Oldfield.

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[Via – Dailymail and Debbiewingham]

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