Dead Man Walking Cane by Ari Soffer sparkles with a $150,000 price tag

You probably have heard of designer Ari Soffer. The unusual designer is famous for redefining the use and application of diamonds by putting them on pants, motorcycles and leather couch pillows. And now holiday makers and residents in Los Angeles can get an exclusive peek of his creations thanks to the opening of his flagship store – Soffer Ari on L.A’s Robertson Blvd. A recession defying collection, this store is expected to have customized vaults, a bulletproof shield for the front window and a fully stocked bar. And depicting his eccentric style is a piece that will be seen adorning the store’s display window. Named the Dead Man Walking Cane, it is a cane of Hawaiian hardwood with a silver skull that sparkles with 3.9 carat sapphire eyes and a total of 28 karats of diamonds. This eccentric cane is priced expensively at $150,000!

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An exotic piece, this cane is definitely a novel way to flaunt your luxurious, recession proof lifestyles.