Belt with diamond studded buckle: The perfect accessory for the modern man

Since the evolution of the Metrosexual man, men have shed their inhibitions and are more comfortable with their feminine side. And diamonds are equally a man’s best friend as they are a woman’s. That is why we see more and more diamond studded accessories designed especially for the sparkle-loving men. The latest diamond studded item to grab the attention of all men is the classic belt from jeweler Bachet. This luxurious piece has a buckle that is set with 256 black diamonds and white diamonds totaling 5.12 carats. That is not all. The belt is also available in sleek white gold. A belt for every man (whether he is Metrosexual or not), this belt is definitely amazing. This collection from the luxurious jeweler also includes diamond studded rings and cufflinks and was even available for sale at the Ritz in April 2009.

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Stylish, classy and definitely attention grabbing, these belts with diamond studded buckles are priced expensively at 19,990 € ($27,900). The rings on the other hand are priced at 2,230 € ($3,100) while the cufflinks are priced at 2,780 € ($3,870).