The Blackberry Royal Blue Edition lures with diamonds and sapphires

Blackberry Bold is bold enough to don exotic skins to make a luxuriously wild statement. If Ostrich skin failed to kindle your wild senses then Republica Fashion offers Blackberry Bold with python skin to dare. Designed by Katherine Hughes, the Blackberry Royal Blue Edition, clad in luxurious blue python skin, stands out for one more reason. Specially designed for Everton Football Club, this handset has dazzling diamonds highlighting 1878 in blue sapphires. This year signifies the evolution of the Everton F. C. For £5,995 (almost $10,000) the Blackberry Royal Blue Edition is up on Republica Fashion.

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They also offer Blackberry Bold designed by Katherine Hughes in various editions. The Diamond Blackberry Viper as well as Diamond Blackberry Caviar also sells for same price.

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