Ferrari teams up with Logic3 to roll out docks and headphones

Ferrari has history of partnerships with tech giants. The Italian automaker teamed with Logic3 to unveil its fancy red gadget lineup at this year’s CES and made every witness’s eyes pop out. The Ferrari-branded iPhone Docks and headphones are split into two camps, the first one being Scuderia which feature plenty of red trim bits, the Ferrari logo and non-subtle cues about your love for the brand. The Cavallino troop is however more urbane with the hallmark red color replaces with silver, black and light brown.

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The crowning member here is the Cavallino GT1 dock priced at $750 which comes in a pleasant blend of silver and black finishes whereas your iOS device will settle in the pop-out tray at the bottom. The Ferrari range headphone come in both Cavallino (T350) and Scuderia (R300) flavors, each of them equipped with nose cancelling features and price tag of $460 and $390 in that order. You trim the active noise cancellation feature for a $80 price cut in these headphones. Two sets of in-ear headphones are also on the way in price range of $150 to $250. All of these will begin to ship in April but other than this, availability details are sparse at the moment.

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