Youtuber from Indiana turns his $400,000 Ferrari F8 Tributo into the world’s most expensive animal feed dispenser. Will the stringent Italian marque blacklist the influencer?

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Destroying brand-new Ferrari supercars has become the new very expensive but easy method for rich social media influencers to gain more views and followers. A few months back, controversial Youtuber Jake Paul broke a $421,000 Ferrari 296 GTB within an hour of taking delivery in an attempt to revive his YouTube channel. However, it was nowhere as gnarly as the video posted 5 months ago by Youtuber Cody Detwiler, aka WhistlinDiesel, in which put his $400,000 F8 Tributo through a series of stunts in an attempt to destroy the beautiful Italian supercar. From driving it on an off-road patch and sliding around to crashing into a farm gate, Cody did everything that will make every Ferrari fan’s blood boil. It looks like he wasn’t done torturing the poor Ferrari. The Youtuber recently put out a new video in which the scarlet red Ferrari F8 Tributo was subjected to more abuse.

VIa Instagram / @whistlindiesel

Cody is known for his durability test videos on YouTube where he tries out crazy stunts on expensive cars. Last year, he released a series of videos bashing a G-Wagon to the point of complete destruction. His latest video is another one of those durability tests in which he turns his Ferrari into a farm vehicle. The cocky Youtuber mocks Ferrari in the video for its history of going after its own customers for allegedly breaking the ownership rules and harming the company’s image. Furthermore, Cody also trolls those who posted negative comments for manhandling the Ferrari.

After chopping off the door mirrors that are reportedly worth $10,000 apiece, the Youtuber dives the Ferrari next to a pond where he uses the $400,000 supercar as a fishing platform. He even posted some photos on his Instagram. Later in the video, he takes the Ferrari on a grocery run, crashing into carts in the parking lot and filling up the supercar’s tiny frunk with melons and oranges, and damaging the hood in the process. He then takes the battered Ferrari to a nearby animal rescue ranch where he uses the V8-powered supercar as a forklift to hoist bags of animal feed and then fill up its famous S-duct with animal food to turn it into the world’s most expensive feeder.

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VIa Instagram / @whistlindiesel

Cody even manages to woo a rescued capybara to go on a ride with him in the Ferrari, feeding the scared animal with fruits to keep it distracted. Later, he’s joined by the owner of the rescue ranch to throw oranges, melons, and even stones on the supercar’s bodywork and into the air ducts. Interestingly, the durability test is actually incomplete according to the title of the video. It ends with a clip where Cody can be seen driving really fast on a dried-out field sliding about and kicking up dust before people can be heard shouting “Fire.” Some cliffhanger, right? Cody’s previous Ferrari video reportedly got demonetized by YouTube, forcing him to think about starting an OnlyFans account to fund his antics. There’s also no information if he has been hit with a cease and desist notice by Ferrari. Nevertheless, it won’t be surprising if the influencer is already on the Italian marque’s list of permanently banned individuals.

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VIa Instagram / @whistlindiesel

Who is Cody Detwiler, aka WhistlinDiesel?
Cody Detwiler is an automotive influencer based out of Indiana in the US who goes by the name WhistlinDiesel on all his social media pages. Born on July 18, 1998, Cody gained popularity on YouTube and other social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok by carrying out crazy car stunts and making creative videos around them. Cody claims he was fascinated by diesel-powered trucks from a very young age, which seems to have served as the inspiration behind the name WhistlinDiesel. In fact, most of his early videos involved tricked-out pickups, including monster trucks. He narrowly escaped death in 2021 when a bullet from his gun struck him on his forehead. The American caught the attention of people across the world when he uploaded a series of videos trying to destroy a G-Wagen, including dropping it through a roof that nearly destroyed it. With currently only 102 videos on his YouTube channel, Cody has already amassed 5.86 million subscribers on YouTube, while he has 3 million followers on Instagram. His popularity skyrocketed after he shelled out $400,000 on an F8 Tributo with the intention to destroy it and force Ferrari to take legal action. It will be interesting to see how the iconic Italian brand reacts after he releases all the durability test videos.

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